Introduction to Phage Display Library Construction Platform

KMD Bioscience has a wealth of practical experience in the field of antibody library construction, and is committed to providing efficient research services for domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and enterprises. We can offer our clients a wide range of options to meet most research needs. We are adept at constructing naïve, immune, synthetic and semi-synthetic libraries on humans, mice, rabbits, chickens, alpacas, sheep, sharks and non-human primates, with tissue and organ sources including PBMC, bone marrow, lymph nodes, or spleen.We have constructed a rich variety of antibody genes in the form of scFv, Fab, VHH, bispecific antibody genes, bispecific ligand-antibody conjugates, and so on. KMD Bioscience combines various antibody display technologies such as phage display, yeast display, mRNA display, ribosome display, bacterial display and mammalian cell surface display to build high-capacity and high-diversity antibody libraries for customers.

The Procedure of Phage Display Library Construction Service

Related Services of Phage Display Library Construction Platform

In addition to providing antibody library construction and other related services, KMD Bioscience also provides customers with a series of recombinant antibody expression, purification and functional research services to meet customer needs and further improve experimental research.

Antibody Expression and Validation Platform Antibody Purification Services
Antibody Humanization Service scFv Antibody Phage Display Platform
Camelid VHH Antibody Library Construction Service VHH Nanobody Platform
Fab Antibody Phage Display Platform Antibody Affinity Maturation Service

Recommended Special Services

KMD Bioscience can provide customers with protein related services, and its technology platform provides customers with higher quality services.

Protein Production Platform Industrial-Scale Customization Platform Protein Modification and Detection Platform

Phage Display Library Construction Platform Related Technical Service Resources

We are willing to share with you the rich technology and resources used in antibody library construction platform technical services to solve your doubts. If you need to view more, please refer to our related articles.

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