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The Antibody Discovery

Nanobody discovery

KMD Bioscience provides you with a variety of high-quality services and escorts your antibody discovery.

Fab Library construction and screening

KMD Bioscience has many years of experience in the production of recombinant antibodies. We have rich experience in Fab antibody preparation. Our Fab antibody library is rich in variety and large in size, and we will find effective antibodies for our customers.

scFv Library Construction and screening

KMD Bioscience has established a solid platform for scFv preparation with a well-established laboratory system for generating scFv antibodies derived from naïve or immunized mouse and rabbit spleen cells, hybridoma cells, and human B lymphocytes.

Phage display Library Construction and Screening

KMD Bioscience can use phage vectors to construct recombinant antibody libraries for humans, mice, rabbits, chickens, alpacas, and others, providing customers with efficient antibody screening and production services. 

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Single B Screening

Single B technology

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Peptide Library Screening

Phage Display technology

scFV Library Service

Phage Display technology

Introduction KMD Bioscience

CRO Technology Development

Phage Display Platform

Phage Display technology

Fab Library Service

Phage Display technology

Antibody Discovery

Phage Display technology

About KMD Bioscience Co., Ltd.

The Phage Display Antibody Development Company

KMD Bioscience utilize our proprietary phage display technology, including M13 and T7 phage display, to customize recombinant VHH antibodies (Nanobodies). Our services cover animal immunization, library establishment, screening, and in vitro expression.

Our business involves

A Professional Technology Development Company


Nanobody Development

Phage display technology and single B cell screening technology

Antiody Production

One stop antibody production service

Protein Expression

Five protein expression systems

CRO Technology Service

Professional customized services