Introduction to VHH Nanobody Platform

KMD Bioscience has a mature recombinant antibody library construction system to provide customers with high quality VHH naïve and immune library construction services. We construct VHH libraries with good diversity and large library capacity of more than 1x 10^9 CFU/mL, which helps to facilitate our customers' research and program development. VHH, also known as nanobodies, have a structure containing only the heavy chain antibody variable region and are only 12-15 kDa in size, much smaller than conventional and other forms of recombinant antibodies. VHH has the advantages of good stability and high penetrability, which can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and has a broad application prospect in the fields of medical diagnosis, antibody drug KMD Bioscience not only provides customers with high-quality VHH library construction services, but also has a complete antibody library screening system of immunity, and we are committed to producing specific and stable VHH antibodies for our customers based on advanced phage, yeast cells and other display technologies.

The Procedure of VHH Nanobody Library Construction Service

Related Services of VHH Nanobody Platform

KMD Bioscience not only provides customers with high-quality VHH library construction services, but also has a complete antibody library screening system. In addition, our laboratory platform is well-equipped and our researchers have rich experience in recombinant antibody expression, purification and sequencing, etc., which can provide customers with complete scientific research services and save a lot of experimental costs and time.

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Recommended Special Services

KMD Bioscience can provide customers with antibody-related services, and its technology platform provides customers with higher quality services.

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VHH Nanobody Platform Related Technical Service Resources

We are willing to share with you the rich technology and resources used in VHH library related technical services to solve your doubts. If you need to view more, please refer to our related articles.

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