Introduction to the Fab Antibody Phage Display Platform

KMD Bioscience is with many years of experience in recombinant antibody production. We have rich experience in Fab antibody preparation. Fab is the antigen-binding region on the antibody, consisting of one constant and one variable region for each of the heavy and light chains, and is about 50 KDa in size. Fab is small enough to penetrate tissue efficiently and is rapidly cleared from the blood; the absence of Fc fragments will not interfere with anti-Fc-mediated antibody detection. Therefore, Fab is widely used in molecular biology research, disease diagnosis and treatment, and is one of the most commonly used forms of antibodies. Our Fab antibody library is rich in variety and large in size, and we will find effective antibodies for our customers.

The Procedure of Fab Antibody Phage Display Library Construction Service

Related Services of Fab Antibody Phage Display Platform

KMD Bioscience has a mature antibody library construction and screening platform, which can help customers find suitable antibodies and provide high quality research services. In addition, KMD Bioscience has a clear advantage in antibody purification, labeling and optimization in the industry, which can reduce the cost and time of scientific research for our clients and help them complete their projects efficiently and smoothly.

Antibody Expression and Validation Platform Antibody Purification Platform
scFv Antibody Phage Display Platform Humanized Antibody Phage Library Service
Human Fab Antibody Library Construction Service Peptide Library Screening Service
Human scFv Antibody Library Construction Service Antibody Phage Display Services
VHH Nanobody Platform Antibody Humanization Service

Recommended Special Services

KMD Bioscience can provide customers with antibody-related services, and its technology platform provides customers with higher quality services.

Antibody Customization Platform Peptide Library Screening Platform scFv Antibody Phage Display Platform

Fab Antibody Phage Display Platform Related Technical Service Resources

We are willing to share with you the rich technology and resources used in Fab library related technical services to solve your doubts. If you need to view more, please refer to our related articles.

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